Areas of law

Daily HR-Business

We support your HR management with legal matters that crop up on a daily basis such as drafting written warnings, granting leave, changing employment contracts from full time to part time (and vice versa), dealing with parental leave, data protection etc.

If our clients so desire we offer a hotline charged at a feat rate. In this way, not every individual question leads to costs, and your personnel HR managers are able to obtain professional advice before the wheel comes off.

Terminating employment contracts

Terminating employment contracts is our day-to-day business. We advise you on preparing termination and serving notice. We prepare termination and settlement agreements for you tailored to the individual case and manage procedures with the 'Integration Office' (for including individuals with disabilities into the employment market) and the District Government. It goes without saying that we also are at your side in the relevant action against unfair dismissal.

Employment contracts, guidelines etc.

On a completely individual basis and tailored to your company, we draft and amend employment contracts, addenda (e.g. regarding the use of company cars, post-contractual non-competition clauses etc.), flexible payment and working hours models, as well as guidelines (e.g. ethics guidelines, vehicle/fleet guidelines etc.).

Employment contracts should always be individually tailored to the specific requirements of the respective companies. Finally, every country has its own problems and different requirements that should be resolved with utmost care and optimal results. As a consequence, the investment made in employment contracts suited to the company does not only pay off in the event of a dispute.

We also take on the management of our clients' employment contracts, i.e by regularly, and above all without being required to do so, drawing their attention to changes in legislation or case law requiring adjustments to contracts.

Works agreements

We negotiate works agreements for you with your works councils.

Conflict resolution with works councils

We represent employers in disputes with the works council. Where possible we aim for amicable solutions as the employer and works council generally need to remain on good terms for a number of years. In our experience it does not make sense to cause too many unnecessary problems, and a well-earned victory could turn out to be very expensive in the long run. However, if necessary, we will bring appropriate proceedings against works councils, right up to challenge of an election or dissolution of work councils.

Company collective agreements

We negotiate company collective agreements and advise on introducing and implementing them.

Staff reduction / restructuring / transfer of business

We advise you with staff reduction measures, restructuring, transfers of business etc. Our advice starts with the drafting of a legally viable strategy for such measures (Which corporate decisions should be taken? How do you deal with social criteria for redundancies? How do you get the works council on board? Is it better to do an asset or a share deal?) and ends with social plans, settlements of interests, the drafting of mass redundancy notices, the wording of termination notices, and staff information with transfers of business.

International employment law

We have many years of experience in international employment law. We advise international companies when taking on staff in Germany, and German companies when taking on staff abroad.


With our seminar company we run a number of workshops throughout the year and make employment law subjects easy to understand for your HR management. A comprehensive and easy-to-understand training document is as much a part of our strategy as the option of asking as many questions as needed.

At the end of our workshops our experienced lawyers and HR managers are available to the participants for as long as required to clear up any questions.

In-house training

With our training company we also offer individual in-house training sessions for executives and HR managers - or, if desired, works councils as well.


We update our clients on a regular basis about recent judgments and their effects on the day-to-day practice of employment law.